Home of Chemichips and the Quantum Fold Periodic Table


Start with 3D molecular models of hydrogen (H2), water (H2O), ammonia (NH3) and methane (CH4), the simplest and lightest molecules of hydrogen (shown in white), oxygen (red), nitrogen (blue), and carbon (black).

Project the models into the 2D plane as shown above and tweak the graphics to flatten the atoms into recognizable plane figures: the hydrogen half moon, oxygen rectangle, nitrogen triangle and carbon square.

These are chemichipsTM, atomic puzzle pieces that turn organic chemistry into a series of puzzle games. Chemichips are real chemical models. Instead of modeling the molecule's 3D bond angles, chemichips faithfully model the network of chemical bonds.


  • Build accurate structural formulas for hundreds of thousands of molecules!

  • Easily translate formulas into proper chemical names

  • Read them for clues to the molecule's physical and chemical properties

  • Immediately identify a molecule's active chemical sites

  • Predict how any substance is likely to change in a chemical reaction


Here's the chemichips projection formula for nitroglycerin (NG), the explosive agent in dynamite:

Want the balanced equation for nitroglycerin detonation? No problem, just solve this simple puzzle...

But wait! There's more...

Science, art and imagination combine in this beautiful folding periodic table. Colorful atomic icons show the repeating patterns in atomic structure that lie at the heart of periodic law. Accordion folds expand and collapse to reveal hidden patterns that can't be seen in ordinary periodic tables. Ideal for students, teachers, scientists, and anyone wishing to explore the mysteries of chemistry!

The periodic table is not a static arrangement of chemical symbols; it is a dynamic and multidimensional reflection of our understanding of the quantum world.